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A film by Jean-Claude Flamand-Barny

Cast: Djedje Apali, Eriq Ebouaney, Adama Niane

English: Gang of the French Caribbean 

Like many colonial immigrants from the French Antilles Larivière feels like a victim he felt that the country was racist. Falsely promised  job-training by the Bureau for the Development of Migration in the Overseas Departments but offered shity job that pay almost nothing. Larivière channels his frustration, falling in with a team of armed robbers led by the aptly named Politik.

This film is based on a true story from the book by Larivière of the same title. In the 1970s, there was a demand for postal money orders. Post offices often carried considerable sums of cash on-hand, yet they did not have the same level of security like the banks. Being a symbol of the French government made them even more desirable targets for  Jimmy Larivière and his gang. This film follows a familiar gangster rise-and-fall trajectory the decor from the 70’s is just right and come to think that era there was a lot of confusion with people who came in the country plus some of them were not so well received. This created a lot of frustration and hate. Of course there were the fights, the drugs for one of the members, and other demons that embodied the characters. It is going to become this cult film.






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