A film by Hugo Gélin

Cast: Omar Sy, Clémence Poésy, Antoine Bertrand

English: Tomorrow everything starts

Samuel lives his life without attachments or responsibilities,  on the border of the water under the sun in  the south of France, with the people he loves and with whom he works without  too much effort . Until one of her old conquests leaves him a few months old, Gloria: his daughter! Unable to take care of a baby and decided to return the child to his mother, Samuel rushes to London to try to find her, unsuccessfully. 8 years later, when Samuel and Gloria made their living in London and became inseparable, Gloria’s mother returns to their lives to recover her daughter …

This is the second feature of Hugo Gélin it is a remake of the Mexican comedy nor taken, nor exchanged by Eugenio Derbez. Demain tout commence is a nice family comedy a little bit predictable but what isn’t those days. Before you can discover all the flavour of this comedy one thing is that you are going to get use to the smile with the perfect white teeth of Omar sy, in turn had no problem incarnated the character due to the fact that Omar has four kids. He plays this liar , irresponsible womaniser very well here. Clémence Poésy who plays this woman who does not think that she is going to be a good mother leaves the kid with Samuel (Omar Sy)  which she has also other facets of her talent between humour and modesty.


Also there is a change of scenery where sam is now in London truing to find the mother but later with the help of Bernie (Antoine Bertrand) find a job in London as a stunt man and eight years later the two father and daughter form this beautiful bond. And Yet it is here that the comedy takes flies thanks to this duo full of life between an improbable father and a girl rather mature. Yes there is a twist in the story a little turn one that I foresaw and other one that is going to hit you right in the face. This film will  be a delight for  audience with families  to which it addresses itself thanks to its freshness and dynamism.



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2 thoughts on “DEMAIN TOUT COMMENCE (2016)

  1. What a great review–I’m gonna pass this onto Hugo! We were at the Avant Primiere in Paris and the film was liked by everyone! I cried like a bwby at the end!!! I didn’t expect that!!! Thanks for a positive review!

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  2. You’re welcome. I am glad you love it.


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