A film by Olivier Assayas

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz

Stewart plays Maureen, someone who in reality might be working for the actress. she is the personal shopper of a famous and wealthy model, Kyra (Nora Von Waltstätten), running around Paris and selecting her dresses, jewellery and shoes, as well as doing the more stupid other tasks such as updating her iMac and standing in for her at fashion shoots. But thing are getting a little strange she is a medium and is feeling a house for a couple that wants to buy it.

Here is Maureen trying to do the task of a personal shopper and it is keeping from doing the other thing feeling this house to see if there is a spirit roaming around the house. And she does rarely a face to face with the model she is the personal shopper for. Maureen’s relationship with her computer programmer boyfriend Gary (Ty Olwin) proceeds via Skype. Maureen is confident of her taste, friendly with the fashion designers and accomplished at her job. However Maureen is troubled. a person dear to her life died plus later on she gets text from someone she does not even know. Here she plays a dangerous guessing game with him. Who is he or she? and what does he or she wants. All of this Maureen has to manage which the stress will rise a bit. Stewart, meanwhile, is wonderful. The belief in spiritualism is taken soberly and there are few sceptics. Plus there are some question that is not answer is the film. Some other are. As the film goes on you want to know how is it going to end. The ending is perfect.




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