A  film by Sophie Reine

Cast: Gustave Kervern, Camille Cottin, Héloïse Dugas

English: Cigarettes and hot chocolate 

The autobiographical narrative of Sophie Reine  evokes a complicated situation for a young boy, Denis ( Gustave Kervern) who become a man and a father. Faced with the mourning of his girlfriend, he manages as best he can, without having  rules,  money or the time to manage the every day situation that he faces.

Here is the thing under the law, he is a failing parent, and must attend a course of parental responsibility. Here is when the comedy start and flies off. it is true that some parents would need some kind of instruction on how to become a parent but it also raise the questions do we learn how to be parent, what is good parenting, what is a good parent, how can we be sure that we have the family spirit? Is love enough? How to combine theory and practice? What to do when one is confronted with the illness of one of his children? The film tries to answer to all those questions. And to tell you the truth there is no right or wrong answers but do the best you can with what you have and that is exactly what Denis did. I especially love the scene of Denis at his other job at night in the sex shop where he figures out that the motor of the dildo  would be better on his electronic cigarette so he can inhale a lot more.  Of course here the two girls that play Denis daughter still the show big time.  Anyway here is an other feel good movie for you.




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3 thoughts on “CIGARETTES ET CHOCOLAT CHAUD (2016)

  1. I love Gustave Kervern 🙂 Great review!!! –Paul

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