A film by George Roy Hill

Slaughterhouse-five George Roy Hill’s screen version of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s novel wild, crazy, noisy, and even funny a film about a hero that is unstuck in time. This film is not this big Hollywood film here Have not yet heard of this film until now.

I picked it up at the library and decided to watch this one to my surprise I was not disappointed. It is an epic work of Billy himself through marriage, childhood, nervous breakdown, war. sometimes in that order sometimes not.Billy time travel from past to future and back again. He spent most of the time on the planet Trafamadore. This film is not going to be for everybody it is an experimental film a Sci-fi film completely different from any other film it stand out big time. Billy Pilgrim is played by a young actor at the time named Micheal Sacks. You even get to see the somewhat special effect used here. Special attention to Valerie Perinne as billet young starlet, Eugene Roche as Derby, and Sharon Gans as Billy’s wife. Nice little film here a little bit on the eccentric side but fun to watch.




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One thought on “SLAUGHTER HOUSE-FIVE (1972)

  1. Nicely-done, my friend! –Paul

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