A film by John Lee Hancock

Cast: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch

Here is an entertaining biography  of this ruthless business man who wanted to make McDonalds a household name and entrepreneurship at its most purest form.  Andthe founder is born.

Every business has a beginning, a blue print where satisfaction is meet. Ray Kroc is a man with a vision not an original idea, a vision from an original idea. Kroc’s claim to fame was taking a popular local hamburger restaurant  and turn it into a franchise with a symbol of American excellence: fast, efficient, one of a kind. Well we are talking about McDonalds. So how did it start?

It is a fascinating story here about it all came together. Personally I am not crazy about McDonalds back in the day it was good at some point but I come from where my culture is fine dining great food that taste good , now days some McDonalds are not clean enough and the food is no longer quality even their fries, like I said back in the day it was good. McDonald’s creator brothers Dick (Nick Offerman) and Mac (John Carroll Lynch) McDonald You will se how they started with this ingenious idea to deliver food fast and efficiently. In the end shit happens and friction between the owners and ray is going to start and it is not going to be pretty. Great performance by Michael Keaton who incarnated Ray beautifully well and it is a joy to see him having a good time doing it. Potential and opportunity are the things that drove Ray to success plus other thing and no spoiler here. Laura Dean here shine as Ray’s wife. My thing here if you have an idea you better act on it have the vision of seeing big and take care of it yourself or someone will. To me here the film stand out and is very entertaining and fun to watch how it was back in the day the decor the first McDonalds and of course the cars. And by the way you can make a better burger at home. I do.




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One thought on “THE FOUNDER (2016)

  1. I liked it too and agree that it was better years ago. I wouldn’t eat there now.

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