A film by Thomas Kruithof

Cast: François Cluzet, Denis Podalydès, Sami Bouajila

English title: The Eavesdropper

Contacted by a mysterious employer to transcribe phone surveillance , Duval ( François Cluzet)  accepts without questioning the purpose of this organization. But this simple work, if it allows him to regain a foothold in his life, will nonetheless place him very quickly in the heart of a political plot, and plunge him in spite of himself into the brutality and strangeness of the underworld of secret services.

For those who had the pleasure to see 3 days of the Condor, the conversation, and the life of others well now you have The Eavesdropper who is kicking ass the first film of 2017 and what a good way of starting the year.


The film is very effective even if it is not without one or the other weakness. The first scene shows us our hero having a technical difficulty to find a file that is going cost  his job.  The scene is almost a gag . Is it because of that he lost his job?  Here in the story you assume that it is but you are not sure. It is left blank. The muffled and agonizing aspect of managing telephone tapping, the non-use of the Internet and computers gives a color and atmosphere essential to the film and contributes to the dramatization of the plot where an ordinary man is overtaken by the events. This man is a loner and needed a job so without asking to many questions he takes it so he can feel needed again. By the way it is not so far fetch here with the use of the typewriter because of the incident of the NSA our government as well as the Russian KGB are using typewriter as we speak when Kruithof wrote the script he had the ideas of doing an espionage film low tech. Due to the fact that our government are using typewriters again. This typewriter as well as the microcassette recorder are important in the film (there are even many images in macrophotography from inside them) adding a mechanical aspect that reflects on human beings and especially the hero Of the film brilliantly interpreted by Cluzet. But this interpretation owes much to that of the other roles, Simon Abkarian, Alba Rohrwacher, Denis Podalydès and Sami Bouajila in particular. Finally, the French audience will probably make connections specific to their country and to certain cases of espionage and international traffic! I know I did.




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One thought on “LA MÉCANIQUE DE L’OMBRE (2017)

  1. beachbooksblog on said:

    Suddenly I felt for a moment as a (shaken, not stirred) james bond secret agent with my loudly tapping typewriter, haha. Only joking, will watch this film!

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