A film by Kôji Fukada

Cast : Mariko Tsutsui, Tadanobu Asano, Kanji Furutachi

Cannes un Certain Regard award winning Japanese psychological thriller about a recently released prisoner named Kusataro Yasaka who shows up at his friend shop well let’s just say to say hi. Well of course there is more to it than that.

Toshio has spent the last 8-10 years building his life, having taken over his  deceased father’s machine-shop business, gotten married to a lovely, quite innocent protestant wife Fumie ( Mariko Tsutsui ) and together with Fumie has come to have a 8 year old daughter named Hutaru (played by Momone Shinokawa).One day, at the front day of his shop, stands … Toshio’s friend Kusataro. Toshio give him a job and a place to stay at his house. That is the first mistake.


This film becomes  a quirky comedy but becomes a sharp-edged drama of deceptions and secrets. It is a dark family drama where they will be a few twist along the way and what a beautifully well written story by the director himself. It is is master piece. The title here is Harmonium his daughter plays it but lack harmony as well as the relationship of the couple and pay attention that way later in the film you will see it again and the meaning will be slightly different. As the film goes on you will see this normal couple eating getting ready for work and taking the kid to school. But the couple is a little cold with each other. It feels like they are just there not saying much to each other. Until Kusataro shows up. Pay attention his he filmed this. Every thing has a meaning. The film is going to build up slowly and boom right in your face. Here is an edgy drama worth a look no disappointment here.Kôji Fukada knows how to tackle this subject, after all he is on familiar grounds.



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