DALIDA (2017)


A film by Lisa Azuelos

Cast: Sveva Alviti, Riccardo Scamarcio, Jean-Paul Rouve

Here is a French film well done we know how to make a biographical movie and this one is about Dalida. The film’s director, Lisa Azuelos , gave the leading role to an unknown actress, Italian Sveva Alviti, it paid off, as the young actress plays Dalida with charisma and an impressive strength of emotional conviction in the songs.


The story starts in 1956 where Dalida was just 23 and went in the singing business with a bang. And ended in 1987 where she died in Paris. the film open in Paris Orly Airport, on 26 February 1967, with Dalida lying to her brother Orlando (Riccardo Scamarcio) and her cousin Rosy (Valentina Carli), making them think she’s leaving only to then double back and secretly go to room 76 at the Price of Wales hotel in Paris, where she tries to end her life, one month on from the suicide of her lover Luigi Tenco (Alessandro Borghi).  In between there are the flash back when she was a kid living in Egypt where she suffered and  endured as a nerd who is mocked by her classmates, seeing her father, a violinist, incarcerated for helping the Nazis at  the Second World War. You will see  her flamboyant life the concepts the difficulties of the work and the relationship with her boyfriends. Underneath it all she had a hard life even though she became famous and an over achiever that won many awards. You think singers have this great life but think again you have no ideas what the go thought day in and a day out. She was tormented by many things unfortunately. The melodramatic drama is well film with the music to match it. Put that one on your list.



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