99 FRANCS (2007)


A film by Jan Kounen

Cast: Jean Dujardin, Jocelyn Quivrin, Patrick Mille

99 Francs, is an adaptation of the same novel of the same name by Frederic Beigbeder. The story of an ad executive in the midst of an existential crisis well he finds out that his girl friend  is pregnant. He goes on this binging alcohol, drugs and sex and to top it all off he seems to do his job well.

Octave seemingly has it all. He is a high-powered ad executive and self-professed asshole who pulls down huge money to do nothing more than think up ad slogans. It is his job to convince you that you need it , you have to buy it this is the next big thing. he has an unlimited budget and one vicious drug habit plus he has more than a nice salary. Octave has lived this way for so long and needs to change his way. Like I said he finds out that he is girlfriend is pregnant. Kounen’s visuals are dazzling, his characters perversely charming, his script bold and audacious , the comedy is hysterical and dark. This is a rare film that is out of this world it is raw at its purest form. It is a wild ride. The montage here is done creatively. The film is also very artistic and graphic. Jean Dujardin who plays octave  does the voice over narration. Especially when you see the opening scene you go what the hell?. This is a film that you are going to consume alcohol excessively because this film is one of the kind and excessively good. After all it is a master piece. I actually saw that on Netflix.




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