A film by Thomas Vinterberg   

Cast: Fares Fares, Ulrich Thomsen, Trine Dyrholm

English Title: The commune 

Thomas Vinterberg returns to home soil with his latest picture The Commune. In is set in the 70’s and yes I did love the 70’s this is far from the free sex and drug use environment you may have thought it has a naturalist environment with sensible adults with different walks of life and different jobs.

Married couple Erik (Ulrich Thomsen) and Anna (Trine Dyrholm) seek something new in their life, and following a 25 year relationship, which has given  their teenage daughter Freja (Martha Sofie Wallstrom Hansen), they decide to open up a commune, at the former home of Erik’s recently deceased father. You see the have this big mansion but it is too expensive to maintain. So they round-up some friends so the share the expanse that goes with a big mansion, basically they charge them rent. Everything is in place they even have rules and they have to respect each other. And may the emotional roller coaster beginning.

It has realism here a surrealistic approach to the comedy, having said that some of you will laugh nervously. It’s actually a nightmarish ideal, that have some intimacy issues. There is the question why didn’t Anna (Trine Dyrholm) leave Erik. You will feel the uncomfortable  at times with some serious uneasiness. Once The Commune gets off the ground it is going to be an emotional melt down and many of you will feel that they should be more and has questions that was not answered but I still like the film. It is not his master piece , his master piece as we all know is Festen which I will review soon and no I have not seen it yet, on  my list. Have fun.



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