A film by Dominique Cabrera

Cast: Aïssa Maïga, Lola Créton, Alain Demaria

English: Kennedy’s ledge 

Corniche Kennedy. In the blue of the Mediterranean, at the foot of the luxurious villas, the delinquents of Marseilles defy the laws of gravity at the Kennedy’s ledge. Marco, Mehdi, Franck, Melissa, Hamza, Mamaa, Julie: girls and boys plunge, dives , take risks to find a stronger will to live. Suzanne sees what is happening with her eyes from her villa. Their bodies are falling as they free-fall . She wants to be with them . She’s going to be.

As I was going to see this film coming right at me was Gustave Kervern the actor who said to himself shit I just got recognised, just the look on his face said it all. I just left it along and went to see my film.


This girl sees those kids taking dives and having fun it looks like they are free, they do what they want when they want. Suzanne wants to be them. So she goes. As the film goes on you will see as she beginning to know them that they are fragile some of them has no parents and the course of their lives is unknown even to them, no project in sight. The only thing that they have is to dive in the ocean and to push each other to dive higher although it is illegal. Marco however is the one who has this job driver for the mob to either drive them where they need to be or to deliver drugs. Suzanne is trying to get accepted from the group and to find love. Plus  the cops are following them because they know that Marcus  works for the mob.

Against the backdrop of a teenage chronicle, Dominique Cabrera pays a sincere tribute to young people who, despite being banished from society, choose to conquer their lives rather than suffer. Here there was one actress that was a professional the others were amateur actors that the director choose off the street.  A nice little film here.



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