A  film by Barry Jenkins

Cast: Mahershala Ali, Shariff Earp, Duan Sanderson

Being black in America what does it mean? That is the theme of Barry Jenkins film. Here is a beautiful story and brilliant well yes it is going to the Oscar and for good cause because being black in America it is not just about color but also sexual identity especially in South Florida. The film captures the black experience but differently this time and here the director will get you to read between the lines. It is the life of their young boy in 3 stages childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Here is a young boy who’s mother is a drug addict of which this young boy is getting tease even bullied in school because of it. They are poor and live in the ghetto of Miami not a pretty picture here. Chiron (the young boy) does not have too much to look up too. He turns adolescent things are getting worse, yes they are picking on him but later enough is enough, into man hood he becomes this muscular man called Black. Here is a man who grew up in the ghetto and became what he became because of it and he is searching for his own sexuality. Here is a story from a play coming of age. Someone said that this thing is the worse thing that could happen in the black community. And no I am not going to reveal it here. It is a poetry epic film at its best here. It had a metal blue feel to it. The actors here did a brilliant job here showing the emotion, the loneliness of the central character brilliantly through their eyes and body language.It is a powerful story here not to be missed. I will see this film again soon because I probably  missed some of the body language here and there.




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