MOANA (2016)


An Animation by Ron Clements, Don Hall

Cast: Auli’i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House

This cool Animation is for kids as well as adult I have to say they are getting good with animation and you can do a lot more with them that you can with movie. And yes it is a Disney animation.

For a generation, Chief Tui has forbidden his people to explore the world beyond their island’s reef. The island begins to no longer be the resource-rich home it once was. And yes to spice things up the daughter Moan is the adventurous one and wants to go out of the island like her father when he was young she has a sense of adventure. She is forbidden by her father to leave the island. Despite all that she is the next in line to be chief after her father however her grandmother on her death-bed tells her to go. and yes she goes. She seeks out Maui. A demigod who, according to legend, thanks to him taking the heart of Tahiti, released a darkness onto the world which is why Moana’s people are facing the peril they are. Up she goes on the boat to find the demigod so he can put the heart back in Tahiti.


Here is a colour full animation  a trip on the boat with beautiful colours I like when she said the ocean is my friend and pop back up on the boat. fitting nicely into the traditional American hero myth of the adventurer willing to explore the unknown  rather than choose the known safety . Moana is Disney’s latest attempt at diversity amongst their classic Princesses and it works here they are trying to reinvent the wheel. The animation bring joy and tears and the music is upbeat. fun to watch for kids and adults. Keep in mind it is going to be gorgeous experience.



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