LOVING (2016)


A film by Jeff Nichols

Cast: Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton, Will Dalton

Well it is a crime to be married in 1958 in Virginie Of the United States of America. But here Jeff Nichols portrait an interracial marriage ever so gently.

The headlines read the crimes of being married with the picture of Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) a construction worker and his African-American wife Mildred (Ruth Negga)  in the pages of Life magazine, and yes it is a true story. Here a is humble soft-spoken film about civil right back in the day and a beautiful love story that raises the voice of injustice. And yes Michael Shannon has  a small supporting role as Life magazine photographer Grey Villet. The thing is that the Richard here was living under the fear of being arrested also the fear for his wife. His wife however did accept to get out of the state at first but wanted to go back she was however less fearful than her husband. Without having to prove it those two loved each other to death no doubt. There was a certain sensibility of this film being shot, the tender scene between them and the silence with few  words was being said. However they got lucky that some one from an ACLU lawyer Bernie Cohen took their case all the way to the supreme court. When Richard propose to Mildred on the land that he just bought and he was going to build her a house by god he did but the house was build years later due to the fact they had to get out of the state. And yes the problem ended in 1967. Beautiful film here from Nichols week cast and so well film.




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One thought on “LOVING (2016)

  1. I do so love Jeff Nichols films. I still have Midnight Special to watch with the family one day soon. Will wait for Loving to appear on Netflix in the future.. All the best.

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