The 69th Cannes Film Festival dedicated Ken Loach . The director made his entry in the restricted group of double winners of the highest distinction in Cannes. He was awarded the Palme d’Or by George Miller, president of the jury, and American actor Mel Gibson.

Palme d’Or (Best Foreign  film). Ken Loach for Me, Daniel Blake (I, Daniel Blake) was awarded the biggest award. His film follows on the Kafkaesque route of an unemployed forced to ask for social assistance. It is the second supreme distinction in Cannes for the British director, after The wind is rising in 2006. “This world in which we live is in a dangerous situation” because the ideas “we call neo-liberal (… ) Are likely to lead us to catastrophe, “said the British filmmaker when receiving his award. I hate to say he is so right.

Grand Prix ( Best Director). The Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival was awarded to Just the End of the World by 27-year-old Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan, a high-profile, high-profile family with Gaspard Ulliel, Vincent Cassel and Marion Cotillard. This is the second award the director receives after the jury award in 2014 for Mommy. In an interview Dolan said that the US did not buy the film, he thinks it is not their cup of tea.

Prix d’interprétation féminine.  Jaclyn Jose in the movie Ma ‘Rosa was distinguished. Round face, cut short hair, 52-year-old actress, stars in the latest film of Filipino filmmaker Brillante Mendoza, a cry against corruption in the Philippines.

Prix d’interprétation masculine. The Iranian actor Shahab Hosseini, who received the male performance award for The Customer, is a loyal follower of Asghar Farhadi. In this feature-length film, the 42-year-old comedian performs with actress Taraneh Alidousti a couple of actors who are confronted with exciting events while playing “Death of a traveling salesman” by Arthur Miller. great film there.

Prix du jury. (Award of the  jury). Andrea Arnold for American Honey. This is the third time she has received this distinction. Great film here too I am glad she got it. She got snub at the oscar. Revenge is sweet.

Prix de la mise-en-scène. . The French Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper and the Romanian Cristian Mungiu for Baccalaureate. In this last film, Cristian Mungiu sees the compromises and corruption in Romanian society. Personal Shopper tells the story of a young woman, Maureen, who hopes to get in touch with her missing twin brother. It is the American Kristen Stewart who interprets the role of Maureen in this feature, which mixes suspense and supernatural. There was a tie here so both got them i am happy for both of them A Romanian film even so cool.

Prix Vulcain. VULCAN PRIZE OF THE ARTIST-TECHNICIAN, RECEIVED BY THE C.S.T. for Mademoiselle directed by Park Chang Wook

Palme d’Or de court métrage. Best short film. Time code by Juango Gimenez.

Spéciale mention Court Métrage . Mention special Short film  A moça que dançou com o diabo. The girl who dance with the devil.

Meilleur second role feminine (Best actress supporting role) Déborah Lukumuena for Divines 

Meilleur second role masculin (Best actor supporting role) James Thierrée pour Chocolat.

Meilleur premier film (Best first film) for Divines 

Meilleur musique original (best score) to Ibrahim Maalouf Dans les forêts de Sibérie (In the forests of Siberia).

Meilleur décor ( Best designer) to  Jérémie D. Lignol for Chocolat

Meilleur Espoir Féminin (Best espoir féminin) to Oulaya Amamra for Divines 

Meilleur son (Best sound)  for  L’Odyssée

Meilleure adaptation (Best  screenplay Adaptation) for Ma vie de courgette

Meilleur scénario (Best screenplay) for L’effet aquatique (The aquatic effect)

Meilleure photographie (Best cinématographie) for  Frantz 

Meilleur Montage (Best editing) for Juste la fin du monde

Meilleurs costumes (Best costumes) for La danseuse 

Meilleur court-métrage (Best short film) for Maman(s)

Meilleure actrice (Best Actrice) Isabelle Huppert for Elle 

Meilleur film (Best film) for Elle 

César d’honneur   for George Clooney.






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  1. Great post. I REALLY need to see “Just The End Of The World” Gaspard Ulliel, Cassel, and Cottiard sound like a great trinity!!!!! Thanks for the heads up on some films that probably won’t make it to The States. Moron Trump probably will put a ban on Foreign films.!!!

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