NOCES (2017)


A film by Stephan Streker

Cast: Lina El Arabi, Sébastien Houbani, Babak Karimi

English title: A Wedding 

Zahira, 18, is close to her family until her parents ask her to follow Pakistani tradition to choose a husband out of the three pictures that are presented to her. Torn between family customs and her western lifestyle, the young woman try to persuade her brother that she does not want this.

Ye tradition is that what this young woman is faced in today world. Thank about it you are a young woman 18 years of age you want to experiment at love, sex, and life travel the world get a job, go to a University etc… Not choosing a husband at 18 years old. Well if you are Pakistanis it is the tradition it is the culture. If she resist or does not do it the friends that her father has in Pakistan will cast him out of the village. But Zahira wants to live her western life style after all she is in Belgium and it is not the tradition in Belgium it is a democratic country where woman has rights to marry who ever she pleases. So Zahira turn to her brother for guidance and understanding. He however wants her to go through with it in order to make her parents happy. At the opening of the film we learn that Zahira is pregnant of the boy that she is in love with. For her it is horrible to have an abortion. Plus the boy is not a Pakistani. Will she submit to her parents wishes and will she have the abortion ?


Lina El Arabi who plays Zahira has done well here for her first time acting her emotion was flowing though her veins at time as cold as ice. She shakes down the house hold because she is pregnant. That is the first wave the second wave she is resisting of marrying one of the chosen one for her. The director takes particular care to respect the point of view of each of the characters, in order to arouse empathy and above all to allow the audience  freedom to base their own opinion. If he avoids any judgment, he does not forget to denounce all the horror of this deprivation of freedom  reserved for the female members of a family whose main concern although there  are unjust rules  to maintain  the safeguard of appearances. Plus pay attention of the dialogue here and one element that is going to put in front of the audience you will be able to guess the ending as I did. I saw to many film in my days. A must see.



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