LOGAN (2017)


A  film by James Mangold

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen

Logan hides out with the professor of the X and a Mutant in Mexico. He is a limo driver trying to make a buck across the border. But suddenly he  is haunted by young mutant with dark forces that are after her .

It is the year 2029 now and Logan takes care of the professor somewhere in Mexico. Sorry I can’t help myself with this one the Trump wall is not build there are just fences. The mutants have been persecuted for a long time and only a few remain. Those who has not been caught hides to survive. Logan gets a job as a limo driver to pay for the medicine for the professor with an albino-mutant tracker Caliban (Stephen Merchant). the professor’s  attacks can and do trigger seismic activities that can kill hundreds of people.You will see an older Logan here and as you watch the film later the answer will be thrown at you.But then comes Laura (Dafne Keen) who is like him.


The violence here is set though out the film but you can see that Logan here has trouble with himself. The father-son relationship with Logan and the professor makes things to an other new level with human relation to which Logan become a little grumpier. All of the X-men film were so good they did not mess up the series what so ever. You have seen Logan going through different stages in his life. We finally hold the reference of the saga X-Men. Logan goes beyond the film of superheroes and redefines the genre by finally addressing to the  adults. The thing here I knew where this was going unfortunately a little predictable for me but a warning here there is a surprise ending and will open a different era I hope.



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