A film by Mehdi Idir, Grand Corps Malade

Cast: Pablo Pauly, Soufiane Guerrab, Moussa Mansaly

Based on the self-biographical book by Fabien Marsaud, alias Grand Corps Malade, Patients  introduces us to the world of paraplegic, quadriplegic, traumatized (a words that the famous slammer would not deny) Cranial, frontal and  many of which are, alas, young people whose life has decided to play a dirty trick.

Do not get me wrong here those patients who are in this situation some for the rest of their life does jokes like the one pass the salty, and others to give them a little laugh now and then so they don’t go nuts. They are perfectly functional people who see life a little differently. We follow a group of young people whose main occupation is to wait for them to be helped with drinking, eating, dressing, telephoning, peeing, pooping and all those operations and more , were a normal human being  who is perfectly functional take for granted. Yes there is the doctors that helps them to rehabilitate them and even a psychologist on hand. Some are doing well other does not and does not accept the fact that some day it will be better or just accept the fact that is the way  is for them. A little romance will surface with a woman who check in. Some will do better than others but they all have stories and past that they can not escape. It is like they are in prison in their own bodies. The film also shows the friendship  and the bond that will form between them as they say “Together we are strong” a terrific little film here that you can’t afford to miss.




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