A film by Ken Loach

Cast: Crissy Rock, Vladimir Vega, Sandie Lavelle

This film is based on a true story. Unbelievable story here as Ken Loach said in an interview A social worker call me an told me the story about this women and her kids after she was done she told him maybe there is a film to be made here. And there was.

The woman’s name is Maggie, and she is played by a former barmaid and stand-up comic named Crissy Rock who has never acted before. It took a long time to cast this character Loach could not find the right woman for the job, and did she pull the strongest performance here. She had embodied Maggie’s suffering so completely not an easy thing to do. She is short, blond, pudgy, in her 30s, with a nice face, she is a little plum. We meet her at a bar where people are drinking, singing , and talking. On karaoke night, she grabs the mike and brings down the house. She’s good company, tells jokes, holds her own. She is full of life but there is a sadness inside that is eating her slowly. She is in this bar to forget things a bit clear her head, she goes always out with the wrong guy who likely is going to beat the shit out of her. She meets she guy in this bar and he wants to buy her a drink , his name is Jorge (Vladimir Vega), and he is an immigrant from Paraguay with “political problems” at home. He is a nice guy who is trying later on for her to get her kids back. Well social services took her kids away from her because she they think she is an unfit mother. You get flashback of what happen and even when she was abuse by her father who was beating her mother  almost to death. Is she an unfit mother here or is it abusing the power of the social services here. I am going to stop here you will not believe what happen later as the story goes. Here is a most powerful performance of an actress as you can get. Human relation at its best. Also will she survive the ordeal?




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