miss sloane

A film by John Madden

Cast: Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Miss Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is a conservative lobbyist who one day jumps ship to an other firm taking more than a few employees with her. The reason she jump ship here she was asked  to see a boss (Sam Waterston) to support the powerful gun lobby in their opposition to a new gun law featuring regulatory checks on the purchase of firearms. She is going against it.

The opening of the film here when she start the dialogue I hate to say this but I knew where this was going and what was going to happen at the end. Here Sloane is a barracuda with an iron fist and protected by though skin, she almost never sleep, it is about her, she is driven to win and has a plan B in her back of her head. She is disconnected from the world the only relationship that she has is with an escort guy who screw her when she needs too no more no less, moaning only no talking please. Jessica Chastain’s performance here is a tour de force with intense emotions. She leaves a blood trail like a serial killer. You do not know much about her here and that is refreshing for a change but you know this she must win at any cost ,she even knows that winning has a price. She is fascinating and bizarre.  Because we are concentrating on her all the time the film does not crash but for me it is predictable.

miss sloane 2

miss sloane 3


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