sunshine blogger award

This is my first Sunshine Blogger Award. Oh boy!!!!! Thank you to Evy At  who has a killer website. I I got just back from my dentist who just perform surgery on my gum a gruelling two hours. So this makes my day. Again thank you Evy.

Here is my answer to Evy questions:

1. Which country/city are you planning to visit this year?

Denmark, Sweden , Norway, Australia.

2. Camping or hotel?

I love camping Rustic that is. Much better deal. I love the outdoors and the country side.

3. When on a holiday, do you prefer swimming in a pool or in the sea/ocean?

The Ocean. Thant was an easy one. I can spent hours swimming in the ocean.

4. What is your favourite kind of food?

Beef Bourguignon (beef, potatoes , carrots in wine sauce) everybody knows that by now         with a great wine. The other sorry I have 2, is burger and fries with beer, The gourmet burger ok at the Ferdi restaurant I did a review on trip advisor . I am going to try in a week (after my dentist is going to pull the stitches out of my gum ) 211 east street gourmet burger. Or the one I ma going to lake at home. well I love French food all together. voila!

5. How do you feel about this year’s Oscar winners?

I did not watch the oscar I am not too crazy about them. But Lion has won for best picture that is the film that I saw twice that was a good call. I am sorry that Isabelle Huppert did not win. The rest c’est la vie.

6. For which actor/actress would you go see every movie they are in?

Merrill Streep and Marion Cotillard

7. How many films/series do you watch per month?

Well I have an unlimited movie card to go to the movie theatre so I watch 30 films a day and At least a series or two a day.

8. Do you prefer to read from an actual book or with an e-reader?

Both When I am in my country house by a fire with a glass of wine reading my book it will be an actual book. But if I am in the subway or on vacation I prefer taking My Kindle.

9. Best place to party?

I love this one. At the beach get a bonfires going a keg of beer and 7 beautiful women named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, And Sunday. And some kick ass music.

10. With all the fake news, do you still watch/read news?

Yes I do but I be careful what it is and where is it coming from.

And now my 9 nominees for the sunshine award (sorry I have 9)

My 10 question for them are: 

  1. Which  Three country are you planning to visit?
  2. What is your dream job? 
  3. What is you favourite food? 
  4. On vacation would you go at the beach or the mountains? 
  5. What is you favourite actor / Actress? 
  6. What is you favourite film? 
  7. You are on a deserted island what can you do without? 
  8. Which actress would you like to date? 
  9. what is you favourite drink while watching a movie?
  10. What group of Music do you Listen? 

I am looking forward to your answers and again thank you Evy.

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