De toutes mes forces

A film by Chad Chenouga

Cast: Khaled Alouach, Yolande Moreau, Laurent Xu

English: Of all my strength 

Nassim ( Khaled Alouach) first time in a Parisian high school and seems as carefree as his pals. No one suspects that in reality he has just lost his mother and returned every night to a youth center. Despite the goodwill of the director, he refuses to be assimilated by the young people of his youth center. Like a tightrope walker, Nassim sails between his two lives, which must not meet at any price.

De toutes mes forces 2

Here is a teenager who will lose his mother where not even his uncle and aunt wants to take him because they can’t. He is put in a youth center for teenager where either their parents can not take care of them or they passed away. Nassim refuses to go but has no choice. He has to do with what he has to do with. He goes to a Parisian school and does not tell his friends where he resides now. He does not want them to find out to fear that they will think less of him. Nassim wants to be different then the others but he has all for success in his life and going to want to destroy it all due to the fact he is still angry with his mother for leaving him in this mess.  Chad Chenouga follows step by step the path of the young man avoiding the clichés. By sparing himself nothing of his fears, doubts, anger and determination, he creates an immediate empathy, especially as the young Khaled Alouach, with the face of an angel and curly hair, plays him perfectly well. Yolande Moreau, full of roundness and tenderness, torn between being the mother for them and being the strict director,  cop like transports us without restrictions to the heart of this intimate drama. There is a nice little film creatively written that avoid  all the clichés.

De toutes mes forces 3


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