A film by Pierre Jolivet

Cast: Roschdy Zem, Émilie Dequenne, Michael Abiteboul

English: Fireman 

Philippe, 45, runs a fire station  in the South of France. Summer is hot. Fire starts everywhere, whether criminal or not. Arriving Bénédicte, warrant officer, same rank as Xavier, there is tension between the tow of them, and tensions also within the team … Plunged into the life of these great heroes: courageous in front line  of the fire but also in the front line of their daily lives.

It the dream of little kids to become fireman as it is stated in the film. Pierre Jolivet who has a little encounters with fireman in two occasional trafic accident plus the devastation of the 2012 forest fire in Oregon where 400 hectares was burned to the ground, Pierre here decided to pay tribute to those men. You see the lives of those men who makes mistake, or not where they are in the front line fighting for their lives in a forest fire, and what they do in a traffic accident. Of course here you will see them in their daily lives where they are struggling to keep it together or not. The film however is missing something. it leaves us a little blunt about it but it is still watchable. I came to find out something that in Normandie they are making the fireman truck and that they makes ladders to export them all over the world. Now that is cool.


les hoomes du feu



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