A film by Christopher Nolan 

Cast: Fionn Whitehead, Damien Bonnard, Aneurin Barnard, Tom Hardy

English title is Dunkirk but I out it in French because it is the correct spelling for this city. 

Christopher Nolan has done the war film differently here you can tell in the cinematography which represent a lot of fear that the soldiers had at the time; fear of height fear of drowning, of getting shot, even getting hurt, fear of dying, of tight places…It is shot in 70mm IMAX format, the experience will feel even more constricting and oppressive because of the image’s unusual shape. again it is an ambitious film. At the time the german was in power and where hoping that the English would surrender, thank god no such luck. The costumes are dead on plus the ensemble cast click. You will follow different solders and the hell that they are going to over come even survive. The navy has summons every boat available got go to Dunkerque, they were pleasure boat that were taking soldiers that were in the water because their boat was sinking. They were the man with no experience who did not know what they were going to encounter. The movie is based on a campaign that began in late May 1940 in the French port city of Dunkerque, where some 400,000 Allied soldiers — including more than 200,000 British air force  were penned in by the Germans.


Film in 70mn had to be hard to do but Nolan wanted authenticity for this film. Nolan does a visual sweep of all the soldiers and emotional intimacy with images of war. plus all those soldiers trapped on the beach waiting for boat where the fear was on their faces when a plane stated to go dive toward them. The film moves every which way here with some of the hell of different camera angle where I am guessing for not easy to shoot. Like I always said my hat goes to those soldiers who fought during the war. Do not miss this film.






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4 thoughts on “DUNKERQUE (2017)

  1. Excellent review. It’s certainly getting a lot of acclaim.

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  2. Just got back from the cinema with my son. Both thought it was incredible. A very different take on the war film. The noise of the Spitfires on the sound system was awesome.

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