Tom Of Finland (2017)

A film by Dome Karukoski

Cast: Jakob Oftebro, Werner Daehn, Lauri Tilkanen

This film brings to life the life and work of one of the most influential and celebrated figures of twentieth century gay culture.

The film starts with Touko’s life after world war II where you come to find out that this soldier and some others in his squad are gay. When Touko comes back from the war he lives with his sister.Touko’s only way of sexual satisfaction is in the woods late at night, with the risk of imprisonment to the fact homosexuality is illegal back then. However Touko’s way of manifesting is frustration to the world of being gay was his drawing and what a talented artist he became. He begins a love affair with Veli (Lauri Tilkanen), the new renter  whom his sister also has an interest in which is going to laugh his career over seas.

Tom Of Finland

Here is a gay guy in Finland where he is drawing because he is mad against the world the way gay men are treated. In Finland gay were even married to woman so they could not be found out and having gay parties in their own home even the police would find out but Touko never ever got caught. The film has a bit of everything the gay clubs, the era of the 70’s in L.A and so on, were carefully plan and filmed. Even the costumes and the decor were outstanding. Of course there is humour into it like the police crashing a gay pool party because they are in pursuit of a robber. Tom of Finland is a vibrant and touching celebration of Laaksonen’s life, his influence and his art.



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One thought on “TOM OF FINDLAND (2017)

  1. I agree with you Dude. This well-made bio pic tells a very interesting story about the transformation of gay self-identy in the 60s and 70d. If you have ever wondered what inspired the butch styles made famous by the Village People and now enshrined in gay culture universally, this film fills the gap.

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