DJAM (2017)



A film by Tony Gatlif

Cast: Daphne Patakia, Simon Abkarian, Maryne Cayon

Djam,  ( Daphne Patakia) a young Greek woman, is sent to Istanbul by her uncle Kakourgos, a retired former sailor of Rebetiko, to find the rare piece that will repair their boat. She meets Avril, a French woman of nineteen, alone and without money, who has come to Turkey to volunteer with the refugees. Djam, generous, insolent, unpredictable and free then takes her under her wing on the way to Mytilene. A journey of encounters, music, sharing and hope.

djam 2

The real surprise in this classic construction is that each musical scene appears, not as an instant of lightness, but rather as a support for the discourse that is politically committed to its author. We have just come to expect that DJam begins to sing and dance rather than continue to walk and to be hysterical at each raid she crosses. At the end the film does not losses its charm but focus on the dancing and singing well the drinking as well. Djam is a beautiful pro-European and intercultural message, but we have seen more subtle. We can only wish to see again the lovely Daphne Patakia on the screens  again soon and hope that the cinema of Tony Gatlif is renewed a little.




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