A  film by Thierry de Peretti

Cast: Jean Michelangeli, Henri-Noël Tabary, Cédric Appietto

English Title: A violent life.

In spite of the death threat on his head, Stéphane decides to return to Corsica to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, murdered the day before. It is the occasion for him to remember the events that saw him pass, petty bourgeois cultivated from Bastia, delinquency to political radicalism and underground …

This film takes us in corsica where young people do not know where to belong and find a way to be useful by going against the government by being militant but don’t say that there are Mafia they will deny it. They are into racketeering, prostitution, dealing drugs, to raise money for the cause. In the beginning of the film you see a man who is in his apartment in Paris and get a phone call that his childhood body has been murdered. This bring back memories that will be set 3 years ahead where it all started. At the time back in the day there were a lot of confusion and was a bit foggy about what they wanted to do with the cause and where it was supposed to go. It is the journey of Stéphane (Jean Michelangeli), an 18-year old Corsican student whose friendship with a small group of delinquents lands him in prison in 1997 for accepting to carry a bag of weapons on a ferry. A Violent Life shows you that radicalism is like quicksand. The director uses real footage of the FLNC (National Liberation Front of Corsica) at times mixed in with his story. I have forgotten about this part of this history where even Corsica opposed to be part of France. You will have the point of view of a bunch of women talking about the man who got murdered for the cause. Like one guy said at one time “It could become Sicily. “




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