A film by Olivier Ayache-Vidal

Cast: Denis Podalydès, Abdoulaye Diallo, Marie-Julie Baup

François Foucault, in his forties, is a Professor of Letters at Lycée Henri IV, in Paris. A series of events forces him to accept a transfer of one year in a suburban school ranked REP + (The bottom of the barrel). He dreads the worst.

Olivier Ayache-Vidal, first time directing , offers us an enthusiastic vision of the educational environment which should give wings to teachers, students, parents and all those who rightly or wrongly feel that the school no longer fulfills its role of social status.

Yet François Foucault who is sure of himself uses sarcasm when his students who can even pass his class , you see  Lycée Henry IV is the best high school in Paris and his student can even get a decent score on their exams. You will see on facet of the character until Foucault goes get transfer to the auburn where the kids are the biggest pain in the ass and do not want to learn anything. François Foucault belongs to a family of intellectuals. His father, a man who is recognised and honoured by writing a book. So when Foucault goes to his new school when the students are agitated, he is going to figure out how to teach differently than he is used to. Well of course once he figures it out his colleagues are going to be jealous. Nothing new here but the film is missing z little imagination here but it is still entertaining and you will see first hand that it is not easy to be a teacher those days. Try to remember everyone ’s name is going to be a difficult task like Denis Podalydès shows us in this funny scene. Seydou (Abdoulaye Diallo) is the most rebellious kid here who will bring us some beautiful emotions. 



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