A film by Thomas Salvador

Cast: Thomas Salvador, Vimala Pons, Youssef Hajdi 

Vincent has an extraordinary power: His strength and reflexes increase tenfold on contact with water. To fully live this gift, he settled in a region with a  lots of lakes and rivers, and sufficiently isolated to preserve his tranquility. During an aquatic escapade, he is surprised by Lucie and falls in love with him.


Thomas Salvator here has done his first feature after 10 years of short features he decided to make this one for about One hour and 20 minutes the film is not that difficult to understand but you will left with questions not answered. Is Vincent human? Where did his powers come from? When did he first notice them? etc…..The first quarter of the film is Vincent doing his job, then going to a nearby lake and swim fast really fast. Then Lucie (Vimala Pons) shows up. She’s hiking with a friend, sees Vincent in the stream,. That night, she sees him in the town square. They drink, listen to music, talk a bit. Their first kiss is rather charming. Vincent decides to tell her his secret. I love the scene afterward when she checks between his toes for webs. They seem to get along well. Then pone day at work a little trouble arise and Vincent has to slept his friend who is his employer thinks get out of control soon after Vincent is on the run.

There is not much to the film but I love the chase toward the end a nice little fable were all of your question will not be answered yes why in every film you must have all your question answered? You don’t.



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