A film Marc Dugain

Cast: Lambert Wilson, Anamaria Vartolomei, Olivier Gourmet

English: Exchange of princesses 

Versailles, 1712. The Duke of Brittany has just died of measles, his brother Louis succeeds him and thus becomes Dauphin of France. It was then that Philippe d’Orléans, regent, suddenly had an idea to strengthen France’s position in Europe: to exchange her daughter, aged 12, by marrying her with the heir to the Spanish throne, with the young Spanish infant, aged 4, who would marry the future Louis XV …


Arranged marriage just to preserved the peace. Princesses are thrown at the wolves like a piece  of meat. It is an adaptation from the book by Chantal Thomas, adapted by Marc Dugain in Exchange of princesses. As always, in this type of film mixing History and fiction, that the french knows how to make. If Olivier Gourmet is convincing in the role of the regent, Philippe d’Orléans, Lambert Wilson sometimes seems to overplay a little bit  his interpretation of Philip V of Spain. It was above all two actors in supporting roles that we appreciated. Kacey Mottet Klein as Don Luis. He is remarkable. The director here manages to make the book alive where the intrigues and power changes hand plus all the difficult and ridiculous situation that is going to follow. The thing is most the characters here are cold as hell the only character who is warm and kind comes from their governess (Catherine Mouchet). Image that you have to marry some one they tell you at age of 12. It is a messed up world back then and to top it all off to preserved the peace. Nice piece of cinema week filmed with some great landscape pictures.




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