Sparring 3

A film by Samuel Jouy

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Olivia Merilahti, Souleymane M’Baye

At over 40, Steve Landry is a boxer who has lost more fights than he has won. Before hanging up the gloves, he accepts an offer that many boxers prefer to refuse: To become sparring partner for a great champion.

Steve (Kassovitz) is a veteran boxer is at the end of his career. His record is not great: 49 matches, 13 wins, three draws and 33 losses. he is washed up 45 years of age, he has one last fight to do than he retires. He promised his wife (Olivia Merilahti) to quit at 50 fights. He hears a conversation that will make it some extra cash. He goes for it but his wife does not approve. He will be part of a trio who will be a sparring partners for a great champion who is coming back. It is dangerous plus he needs to feed his family and pay the bills because they are stranded with cash most of the time.

Sparring 2

Mathieu Kassovitz assumes the role of this loser boxer who loves the art form, even to become a human pushing bag. The thing is  it is not the same boxing story Jouy did his own without the cliché. Here is a man who is trying to fit in with his family and struggling at his sport. He has a regular job to get extra money. You feel for the guy. He wants his family to be proud of him. Than is his the second story his daughter who has a gift at playing the piano and he needs to buy her a piano so she can practice at home and realise her dream. Here however it is real boxing Kassovitz boxes and he took some real punches, no make up here it is his real black eye and cut on his face. Kassovitz assumes the role perfectly he boxes as well in real life. Here is a film not like the other boxing film but who explore behind the scene of this champion who is making a comeback but needs to train with his trio sparring partners. Finally a boxing film not like the other.



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