la fete des meres

A film by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Cast: Audrey FleurotClotilde CourauOlivia Côte

They are President of the Republic, nanny, baker, actress, teacher, florist, journalist, unemployed, pediatricians. They are possessive, benevolent, clumsy, absent, omnipresent, overwhelmed, guilty, indulgent, loving, fragile, in full possession of their means or losing their heads. Well alive or already a memory … Son or daughter, we remain whatever happens to their child with the desire that they let us go and the fear that they leave us. And then we become mom … and it’s going to be our party!

English: Mother’s day. 

Here Marie-castille took the American film Mother’s day and did her own version of Mothers’s day and what a beautiful raw honest version it is. it is a choral film like Claude Lelouch used to make them. It evokes several topics and problems that women today encounter in our society, whether they are mothers or daughters: the challenge of being both a working mother in today’s world. A woman president who is just a new mother where the press blames her to be a working mother and thinks she can’t jungle both. Some woman are blaming their mother of being selfish not giving too much attention to them. Some adore their mother and gives them to much attention. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Plus the choice of leaving their mother in a nursery home is not a pretty one. The only thing is that the characters are not developed fully. Other wise it is watchable and a beautiful film with a great cast.

la-fete-des-meres (1)


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