A film by  Kheiron

Cast:  Kheiron, Catherine Deneuve, André Dussollier 

English title: Bad seeds 

Waël,(Kheiron) a former street child, lives in the suburbs of Paris, performs small scam with Monique (Catherine Deneuve) a retired woman who lives with him but one day while doing the scam Monique bumps in this old acquaintance a man who she has not seen in 40 years. Victor, (André Dussolier) offers Wael, at the insistence of Monique, a small volunteer job in his center of children excluded from the school system. Wael finds himself gradually responsible for a group of six teenagers expelled for absenteeism, insolence or carrying weapons. A bond will form with the student and may the adventure begin. 

Kheiron again exploits an autobiographical slice to defend the respect and especially the importance of education and the importance to pass it on. a beautiful story is going to be told before your eyes with flashback from time to time. Of course there are humour into it after all it is Kheiron we are talking about. The dialogues here are intelligent and well written, into a nice tight screenplay. Rather than stigmatize the violence of the ghetto, he prefers to emphasize the vitality of the characters and their energy to move forward with a touch of humanity. Also there is the immense pleasure to see Dussollier and Deneuve two great actors on the top of their games here. This terrific mix casting is a joy to see, with a message with can all get along and live among each other. A beautiful lesson of life to share with your friends. 

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