A film by David Roux

Cast: Jérémie Renier, Marthe Keller, Zita Hanrot

English Title: The order of the doctors. 

Simon, 37, is a doctor. The hospital is his life. He works around diseases and see death every day in his department of pneumology and has learned to protect himself. But when his mother is hospitalised , Simon is going to find out that there is a fine line between the intimate and the professionalism, as his universe is going to be turned upside down. 

Davis Roux comes from a long  line of doctors in his family. He went to the Fémis the best cinema school in France. His brother who works in the hospital found out that his mother was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. However before that David followed his brother for 4 days to get the fell of what it is to be a doctor and what is his job consist of. Later Davis wrote the screenplay in a workshop at the Fémis. It was Nadine Lamari, his supervisor, and her classmates who pushed him to admit what was really the subject of the film. it became evident it was about the death of his mother. 

The film is in 3 parts you see Simon as a doctor doing his daily routine. The second part in civilian clothes where he takes care of his mother. the third part Simon comes back as a doctor and does what he does best get in his daily routine. 

The film is about the mother an the son’s relation between two human being and a lot of question is going to surface. What if a father believes that his son, a doctor and is powerless against death, can he save the wife and mother? What if the brothers and sisters do not see a favorable outcome and the fear of losing her. Why she does not want to do a scanner to see what is going on in depth? Why does she want to give up? How to handle this in a Jewish family, The film here makes you think about your mortality even question your religion. I have lost two cousins to cancer. It is a story that I can relate to. It is the story of his mother who didn’t want to fight anymore. Here is David Roux first feature film, overwhelming with humanity with a great actor like Jérémie Renier.

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