ARCTIC (2019)

A film by  Joe Penna

Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Maria Thelma Smáradóttir

In the Arctic, the temperature can go down to -70 ° C. In this hostile, icy desert far from everything, a man struggles for survival.

Here is a man who is struggling to survive. His plane crashed in the arctic all he can see is this icy landscape and the mountains. The biggest asset here is the actor Mads mikkelsen who does a great performance here. Food is on his mind at all the time and how is he going to survive for one more day. His crashed plane is now his home. He knows they are looking for him but are they going to find him?  Arctic relies on visuals of white snow and vast landscapes to lure us into the reality in which Mads Mikkelsen is stranded. It is a realistic look of one man’s survival. Not too much dialogue here just the expression on Mikkelsen should tell you what he is thinking. The man has to rely on himself and has to be resourceful. What will he do next? What can he do? It is cold as hell and there no city in sight. Snow and mountains. Is the weather going to hold? and when is the next big storm is going to get there? However not the great film that is supposed to be? one thing smart about it Penna does not offer us the flashback of what happen to the other pilot and what was the cause of the plane crash. Not too bad but could of been better.

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