BALLON (2019)

A film by  Michael Herbig 

Cast:  Friedrich Mücke, Karoline Schuch, David Kross 

In the midst of the Cold War, two ordinary families from East Germany dream of going west. Their plan is to build a hot air balloon and fly over the border. An incredible true story.

Here are two families who had enough living in the East side of Germany who has a crazy idea to build a balloon to go to the west side. I knew a friend back in the late 80’s who went to the East side of Germany he is an American he went by train and the Stasi (Homeland security) went on the train and told the passengers to get their passport out which followed by a question if they had anything that they are not suppose to have in their suitcase. My Friend was talking to this English guy who the Stasi search his suitcase and found playboy magazines in it. The Stasi took him and my friend never saw him again. The Stasi does not mess around if you try to go over the wall they will shoot you down that you are man, woman, or a kid. My friend told me that on the East side it is depressive as hell? Nobody smile everyone minds their own business, you could smell fear in people as you walk by them. Here the director has done a colorful film like if it was an American movie from the 60’s except we are in 1979. And the Stasi is film in this grey color here the director has done this purposely. The heroes are as colorful as the balloon that they are going to take to go to the west side. It is like a ray of hope. Are they going to make it? The thing is the director didn’t not let up the tension as well as the suspense. The Stasi here are their trail and they are coming closer. It is amazing that they were smart to figure out how to build it even to saw the fabric together. Everyone had a job to do in this in order to leave as quickly as they can. A terrific film not to be missed.

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