A film by  Anne Fontaine

Cast:  Lou de Laâge, Isabelle Huppert, Charles Berling

English title: White as snow

Claire, a young woman of great beauty, arouses the irrepressible jealousy of her mother-in-law Maud, who goes so far as to premeditate her murder. Saved in extremis by a mysterious man who lodge her on his farm, Claire decides to stay in this village and will awaken the excitement of its inhabitants … One, two, and soon seven men will fall under her spell! For her, it’s the beginning of a radical emancipation, both carnal and sentimental …

Here is the fable of snow white rewriting in today’s contest By Anne Fontaine who breaks the codes and delivers a burlesque fable. Once upon a time … Snow White, but like you never seen it before. I have to say that because the subject matter that she chooses she is unique in a way. She takes elements of the fable like the the 7 dwarfs and the poisoned apple turns it around into a modern fable. Claire (Lou de Laâge, who is perfect in the role) survives an attempted murder orchestrated by her mother-in-law Maud (Isabelle Huppert).who is jealous. Claire found herself in this foggy village in the mountains where she will awake the excitement of seven men and she Claire discovers her desires. Of course the men has their fragilities and their weakness without the clichés. The film is done in a form of a thriller. Maud who is trying to find her to finish the job. Funny at times in this strange and comic tale that Anne seems to give it a fresh look. By the way the cinematography is breathtaking.

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