A film by  Teona Strugar Mitevska

Cast:  Zorica Nusheva, Labina Mitevska, Stefan Vujisic 

In Stip, a small town in Macedonia, every year in January, the parish priest throws a wooden cross into the river and hundreds of men dive to catch it. Happiness and prosperity are assured to the one who achieves it.
That day, Petrunya throws himself into the water on a whim and takes the cross before everyone else.
His competitors are furious that a woman dared to participate in this ritual. The war is declared but Petrunya is holding out: she won her cross, she will not give it back.

Here is a feminist satire that seeks to understand the complexities behind the rampant prejudice against women in her country. The film opens with a birds eye view shot of Petrunya (Zorica Nusheva) in an empty swimming pool that means the luxury and glamour but in an empty one means misery , and unemployment which is the case for Petrumya. She is now 32 unemployed and living with her parents in Stip a small town in Macedonia. She goes in an interview for a job that is not going to go well but when she return home she comes across the holiday of Epiphany where man are going to swim in the river to get the cross that the priest is going to throw in the river. The one who gets it will have prosperity and happiness. Petrumya for some reason dives in the water and finds the cross that will put some events into motion.

The director here shows the suburbs that are depressive, and deserted where misery reigns. Here Petrumya who does not want to get the cross back, she sicks to her guns without letting go don’t matter what. Her mother is not supportive at all and thinks she is ugly without saying it. The situation gets darker and more violent. Here is a woman who has little self esteem and slowly thought out the day will rise to the occasion. Terrific acting from Zorica Nusheva who has some great energy through out the film. Like the reporter in the film says we still live in the middle ages. The end couldn’t be more perfect pay attention what Petrumya does.

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