A film by  Wi Ding Ho

Cast:  Lu Huang, Hong-Chi Lee, Linda Jui-Chi Liu

Three nights of a man’s life. Three nights to cross an unseen world, which will rocked his existence. He is about to commit the irreparable. But his past will catch up with him …

Forget Hollywood here is a new wave of directors from Asia (Japan, South Korea and China) who are taking risk and reinventing themselves in telling an original story. The Story is  not told in chronological order, We gradually learn what motivate Zhang. Where is it going to make more sense is going to be in the middle of the story when we learn that Zhang is a young married police officer. Where the Americans are multiplying the super heroes movies and remakes because they think there are no more stories to tell, and the European cinema unfortunately is struggling with it. Whatever!!! Here the Asia cinema are getting more and more followers. And for the first time the Korean film named Parasite win the Palme D’or at Cannes. And the latest of Taiwan film named Cities of the last things has catch the attention of other film festival. It is an Asia / French production. 

Thanks to an incredible directing which separate the film in three part, this feature is distinguished by an intense surprise which is very attentive to the details of the story. You can see why more and more people are now following Asian Cinema. The Three parts of the story we are following the protagonist at a different stage and age of his life. Every things seems to indicate that the psychology of the characters is in his past a stroke of genius from the director who loses the audience on the psychologie on a man who is devoured by his bitterness. By following the course of this man over forty years the director let us see how an event can change the destiny of the protagonist. The first part is a bit slow, the second you beginning what drive our protagonist and the third where the action is and will answer all of you questions. The director makes us see and understand about the practices from the future and even today the social network, the cloning, plastic surgery and a drug that makes us young. Here our protagonist is lonely and has no control of his life. We will ask questions about the future and even about the entire planet and be able to identify ourselves in this film. Do not miss this one. 

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