BACURAU (2019)

A film de  Juliano Dornelles, Kleber Mendonça Filho

Cast:  Barbara Colen, Thomas Aquino, Silvero Pereira

In the near future … The village of Bacurau in the Brazilian sertão mourns his matriarch Carmelita who died at 94 years. A few days later, residents notice that Bacurau has disappeared from the map.

Ok then here is a film that is worth looking at. In a near-future Brazil, Theresa (Barbara Colen) returns home for the funeral of her grandmother, she is the the matriarch of her village. Bacurau is a modern western satire. Suddenly the cellular signal disappear and the village is not longer on the map. They are deprived of water and basic supplies by the mayor (Thardelly Lima). It is s bit weird at times and you can tell that the directors were influenced by John Carpenter. They also have several points to make about wealthy and the corrupt right wing in Brazil, they weren’t afraid of telling it . The villagers here are deprived of basic needs like water, medecine and other basic needs. You will not know what genre of film this is going to be everyone will have a different opinions, when you see the flying saucer in the first part of the film you think it is going to be a science fiction movie, or a modern western or both. There are a few surprises in this film as well. It is nice to see Sônia Braga who was in Aquarius (2016) who plays a nurse here with a twisted sense of humor. it is a Brazilian drama, a political and social reflection that questions Brazil today perhaps a political film of sort with a modern western theme. It is going to make you think a bit.

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