A film by  Jan Komasa

Cast:  Bartosz Bielenia, Aleksandra Konieczna, Eliza Rycembel 

Daniel, 20, discovers a spiritual vocation in a youth detention center but the crime he has committed prevents him from accessing seminarian studies. Sent to a small town to work in a carpentry workshop, he pretends to be a priest and takes the head of the parish. The arrival of the young and charismatic preacher shakes up this small conservative community.

The script from Mateusz Pacewicz is inspired by true events. Daniel leaves the correctional center at age 20 after serving time for crimes that he committed but the story does not tells us what kind of crime. Having experienced a spiritual awakening behind bars he would like to pursue a career in the clergy but his mentor, Father Tomasz (Lukasz Simlat), tells him is impossible because he’s been a convict. He goes to this small town in Poland but bumps into a girl while visiting a the church and the light went on when he tells the girl he is a priest. He shows her his clerical collar and soon after that the girl introduce her to parish. When when the aging priest (Zdzislaw Wardejn) becomes ill. Here you see how Daniel is going to tell all the right lies and boom just like that Daniel is in. But will he pull it off and will his past catch up with him.

 Bartosz Bielenia plays his character with charisma with this piercing blue ice he is convincing and reminds me of Christopher Walking’s blue eyes. It is fascinating to watch him. But the town has its own secrets. As Daniel comes to find out. The more he digs in the more the resident are going to resent him. Here he takes his new job seriously, his methods are unorthodox but he’s speaking plainly from the heart and connecting with people. And because he has committed crimes he has some really good advise for the people. It is a complex character who is in a dark place and want to see the light. Daniel is fully aware of the gravity of this job is and the consequences that is going to follow will possibly haunt him later. Here is a great solid story and a film not to be missed.

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