A film by  Mathias Malzieu

Cast:  Tchéky Karyo, Rossy de Palma, Marilyn Lima 

English: A mermaid in Paris

A heartbroken crooner, Gaspard had vowed never to fall in love again. As for Lula, a pretty mermaid, she only has the song to defend herself from men, by making the heard beat faster till it is going to explode. When the water of the seine is rising here is Lula at the foot of the Flowerburger, the barge-cabaret where Gaspard sings. He, the man who suffered from having loved too much, and she, the creature who never knew love, will get to know each other. And will they make beautiful music together?

Une sirène à Paris is this magic fairy tale where we will witness this old-fashion romance in full blossom with some colorful personalities played by endearing actors who have their stuff ( Nicolas Duvauchelle, Tchéky Karyo, Romane Bohringer, Rossy de Palma), facing the solar youth of Marilyn Lima. But this mermaid has this lethal weapon she breaks the hearts of the males who meet her, to the point of killing them with her lethal song. she represent many women in today’s world but also the femme fatale that you see in films. The thing is the script needs a little work but by all mean the film is still watchable.

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