A film by  Guillaume Pierret

Cast:  Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Ramzy Bedia 

English Title: Lost Bullet

Lino, a mechanical genius, is recruited by the police to neutralize go fast. He finds himself accused of murder and tries to find the only proof of his innocence, a stray bullet in a missing car.

Lost Bullet follows Lino, follows this genius engineer know for boosting up car’s engine , essential for any bank robber as such. During a jewelry store robbery with his brother Quentin Lino is caught by the police and sent to jail, but Officer Charas see an opportunity  offers Lino a job to boost up his police cars to catch go fast. Several months later, Charas hands Lino a letter granted him early release for his help with his unit, though it won’t come into effect until next week. Charas is looking for Lino to help him take down the latest go fast a bunch of drug dealer ring, but something goes wrong and Lino is framed for murder. The police is after him and Lino must find a way to prove his innocence and save Quentin from the mess that he’s caught up in.

In Europe, since the early 1990’s, the practice of go fast has developed on the road. The traffickers then use two vehicles: one used to transport the goods, the other used as a decoy . The journey is made by highway, with cars with a lot of horse power, often stolen.

The tactic, however, is not to drive as fast as possible.  In fact, traffickers try to drive at the speed limit to arouse suspicion as little as possible. Speed ​​only plays a key role in the event of a problem with the police. The goal is to thwart attempts to intercept customs officials or rival traffickers: the “decoy” car, which precedes the transporting car, warns his accomplice of any roadblocks or road block. Sometimes, convoys include one or more “decoy” cars, ready to intervene in the event of a problem. 

The French drug trafficker Bernard André, known as “Le Baron”, is cited in a documentary from 2016 as being the inventor of this technique in the late 1980s, used for the trafficking of cannabis between Spain and France.

A thief and mechanical engineer Lino is caught by the police, later he has this opportunity to work for the police to boost their cars so they catch drug runners with their go fast cars. Inventive stunts in this one with great car chases but the thing is here the character did not get to develop further and in more detail. It is an action crime thriller that stand out and does a good job to entertain. I kind of liked it. Great fight sequence in the police station. Alban Lenoir is in the lead role, he has done well here particularly on a physicality level. Nicolas Duvauchelle wasgreat as usual is awesome as the the cop and second in command of the unit, and Ramzy Bedia and Stéfi Celma were also good with their performances as Charas and Julia. Well a nice casting at that. Enjoy it for what it is. You will find this one on Netflix.

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