A film by Kim Yong-Hoon

Cast:  Jeon Do-Yeon, Woo-Sung Jung, Seong-woo Bae, Yuh-Jung Youn, Man-Sik Jeong

A body found on a beach, a sauna employee, an unscrupulous customs officer, a pawnbroker and a bar hostess who should never have met. But fate decided otherwise by placing on their route a bag full of money, which will turn their destiny upside down. Scams, betrayals and murders: everything is allowed for those who dream of new beginnings…

Here is this cool Korean film told in the non-linear way about those characters that are going to meet all because of a bag full of money.

The cream of the crop: great cast in Kim Yong-hoon’s first feature film, which perfected his art by making short films and documentaries, to be this triumphant thriller, this néo-noir comedy and one of the darkest films presented to the public in recent years. It is the South Korean adaptation of a Japanese novel written by Keisuke Sone. Here you will see some folks who are going to turn into criminal activities because they are consumed with greed and the criminal who will stop at nothing to get the bag full of money. written in several chapters the film is a big labyrinth in which eight people, who seemingly have nothing in common, will cross paths, linking their destinies with this bag of money. To avoid to be too predictable and the director followed the code of film noir adding some ludicrous situations from time to time with a touch of humor. And that is why Kim Yong-hoon surrounded himself with a four-star cast. Kim Yong-hoon had not fallen into the trap of bloody scenes that ultimately bring nothing. This tense dark comedy hopefully will find its place in this crazy world that we live in.

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