COFFY (1973)

COFFY (1973)









A film by Jack Hill

Cast: Pam Grier, Booker Bradshaw, Robert DoQui

Coffy” is in  between a soft-core skin flick and a blaxploitation movie; with a couple of new changes: (1) it’s against drugs, and (2) it has a girl for a hero. Back then that was a no-no. The women in those film were either making love to their men the phone would ring she would give hime the phone after he hangs up he would be leaving. They were doing much but thanks to Jack Hill that all change The woman becomes the hero and they did glamorized the drug dealers like they always do. Hill change all that. Coffy has a day jobs a nurse by night she kills drug dealer. You see her sister is dead of an overdose so Coffy has a mission in life getting rid of the drug dealer. It is a simple story and a simple plot. At the time Pam Crier was a beautiful actress young and curvy with a beautiful figure and that works fine here. She has a great cleavage that also works here for the nude scenes. For Coffy drugs are bad and she needs to get rid of them out of the ghetto. Coffy is a little more inventive here it has a different formula like I said. Pam Crier goes right into action here in this film and nothing else. She has done a great job in this one. One of my favorite.







COFFY (1973)







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