DETROIT 9000 (1973)

A film by Arthur Marks.

Cast: Hari Rhodes, Alex Rocco, Vonetta McGee. 

Street-smart white detective Danny Bassett (Alex Rocco) teams with educated black detective Sgt. Jesse Williams (Hari Rhodes) to investigate a theft of $400,000 at a fund-raiser for Representative Aubrey Hale Clayton (Rudy Challenger).

Here is you typical cop movie. a gang of theives steal the fundraising money and one white cop and one black cop is on the case together. So far so good. There is a lot of action in this film a lot of foot chase, gun fight, and punches  with car chase. The Detroit mayor allowed the film to be shot there and even played himself in the movie. He didn’t like how the Detroit police was portray in the movie.  The photography in theis one is good I like the shot of Detroit you get to see how was Detroit back then.

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