A film by Jack hill. 

Cast: Pam Crier, Roberta Collins, Judith Brown. 

Beautiful women prisoners are abused in a Philippine prison, until 5 of them plot an escape by taking the evil female warden hostage with the reluctant help of 2 male fruit vendors. Kathryn Loder had to be hospitalized after becoming seriously ill during the shooting of this film. Loder slipped into a coma while being treated at the hospital and almost died. Fortunately, the doctors discovered that Loder had diabetes and gave her insulin treatment which enabled her to make a complete recovery. In the sequence in which Judith Brown is tortured by having a snake dangled over her head, only a pane of glass separated Brown from said snake. A graphic lesbian scene was shot, but cut from the final finished version of the film. A Filipino porn actress was originally cast as Ferina, but left after the first day of shooting. It tuns out this a classic film even Jack hill said this was one of my fantasy movie. Great action in this one, Of course it is a B-rated movie but fun to watch specially Pam Crier kicking ass.


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