THE MAC (1973)

THE MAC (1973). Goldie returns from five years at the state pen and winds up king of the pimping game. Trouble comes in the form of two corrupt white cops and a crime lord who wants him to return to the small time. According to director Michael Campus, screenwriter Robert J. Poole started developing the treatment and script on toilet paper while he was in prison. ccording to Max Julien on the DVD commentary, producer Harvey Bernhard was against casting Richard Pryor in the film because of Pryor’s notorious behavior. Pryor had become notorious in Hollywood for urinating on Shelley Winters while filming Wild in the Streets. The box-office success of The Mack helped Pryor to get work in film again. According to Max Julien on the DVD commentary, Richard Pryor and producer Harvey Bernhard had a heated argument during filming. Later that night, Pryor was going to Bernhard’s hotel room to attack him with a sock filled with ball bearings until Julien calmed Pryor down. The Ward brothers, who play themselves, were real life pimps and drug pushers in Oakland. They offered protection to the filmmakers to be included in the film. The Black Panthers heard about the film and shook down the director for $5,000 to film in Oakland. When the Ward brother’s heard, they felt betrayed by the production. During one day of shooting, glass bottles rained down from buildings as retaliation from the brothers. The Mack” entered the non-competitive category of The Cannes Film Festival on May 11, 1983, 10 years after its release. Entertainment Weekly Magazine cited this as one of the top 20 cult film of all times. For a long time was only available in bootleg format and in edited forms until an official VHS release.

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