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A film by Philippe Van Leeuw

Cast: Hiam Abbass, Diamand Bou Abboud, Juliette NavisLiiL

Syria at war, countless families remained trapped by the bombing. Among them, a mother and her children stand along , hidden in their apartment. Courageously, they organize themselves from day-to-day to continue living despite shortages and danger, and in solidarity, gather a couple of neighbors and his newborn. Torn between fleeing and staying, they face each day with hope.


This film illustrates a contemporary drama: the Syrian civil war, begun in 2011. But here, there it shows that war has also murders and other betrayals. All the victims here are facing a present danger with an invisible enemies never the less very present. Ok the tile: the notion of “family” is misleading since all the characters that are sheltered in this apartment are not next of kin, There are neighbors with an enfant, and a maid plus others stuck in an apartment fearing death every day. In the mix there is the woman who holds the family sort of speak together, but she is also stubborn she won’t leave. You see war is a bitch, it opens the doors for criminals to do whatever since there is no police. There are loaders also very present. The director shows an extraordinary sense of space, whose power of immersion goes beyond the mere effect of claustrophobia, since it also makes it possible to better represent the link that can exist between these characters, the support that they have for each other and the grief that goes along with it. You only see the courtyard a bunch of time here but the sound effect is excellent here you hear the explosion, airplanes , helicopters, etc…. it has realism into it. You feel what the characters fell. The facial expression here are priceless and all the actors have done a beautiful job here. Like I said war is a bitch and the innocent victims here will pay a huge price. In fact I see Syrians next to where I live coming in my country they were about a thousand living in the street on the outskirt of Paris . My government does not know what to do with them some has sought asylum had got it. the others got back to Syria or others country. It is an estimated 6 million Syrians spread out though Europe. A terrific film here not to be missed.


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A film by Tommy Wirkola

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, Willem Dafoe, Marwan Kenzari, Christian Rubeck

2073. The Earth is overpopulated. The government decides to introduce a one-child policy, applied by hand of the iron by the Office of Birth grant, under the aegis of Nicolette Cayman.

 I will say this there is a series called Orphan black if you have not see it do so. Tatiana Maslany who plays identical clones plays it so damn well that you want more. But the script is awesome so she has a lot to work with. Now I am not saying this film is not good but it is just entertaining, however the script needs a little work. In France the advertised it and in big letters it reads “you will never guess the end” You have got to be fucking kidding me (Pardon my French Ha!ha!) but I guessed the end. The cast is wonderful in it and Noomi Rapace does a nice job here even Glenn close who plays this cold-hearted bitch too well here but the film is entertaining. It is predictable. Original not really it had been manipulated differently from too many films and series. Not too bad the fighting was decent at that, the fact that they did it as a triller is fine here too. Like I said I don’t dismiss it because it is entertaining.
The thing is that everything has been done and redone and it is hard to surprise the audience. But the script needed some work here. I do love the swedish actress Noomi here is a matter of fact I am a fan. I am going to have to wait for the next one.
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A film by Fabrice Du Welz

Cast: Teresa Palmer, Luke Evans, Tom Felton

Jacob (Chadwick Boseman) King arrives from Cape Town in Los Angeles, in search of his missing sister. A stranger in a world of which he knows nothing. $ 600 in pocket and a return ticket to Cape Town 7 days later.

The opening of the film a man in customs where the officer asks him bunch of question , but the man in question is on vacation. He is from Cape Town Africa and drive a cab over there. They ask him if he has family his response is no. Soon after settle in this Roach motel. He goes to see his sister at her apartment. No one has seen her so he begins to investigate. What is he going to find, her is not going to like it and will put in motions a series of events that is going to take place.


This film noir is a slow paces burner nothing that you have not seen before but has a few twist and turn especially at the end. You won’t see it coming. It is shot like a 70’s style film showing the not so good neighbourhood in L.A. An outsider who is trying to find his sister who is going to make some friends along the way or I might have help one in distress. When he finds out what happens to his sister the dark side of Jacob will surface. To me if he did end the film like he did then the all film is out in the water . A nice little ending here that makes the film worth seeing.


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GRAVE (2017)


A film  Julia Ducournau

Cast: Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rabah Naït Oufella 

English title: Raw

In Justine’s family everyone is veterinarian and vegetarian. At 16, she is a gifted teenager about to join the vet school where her older sister is also a student. But, barely settled, the hazing begins for the first years. Justine is forced to eat raw meat. This is the first time in her life. The consequences are not long in coming. Justine discovers her true nature. And by true nature I will not be dating this woman not even her sister See the end of the film.


Ok the name grave is the name of the vet school in Belgium it also mean serious but they translate by raw. Ok this  French  / Belgium film is awesome someone has written a totally great script here by the name of well the director herself Julia Ducournau. It is a crazy film with demented atmosphere ,a disconcerting architecture, in its deliquescent decor, an oppressive psychology, in its febrile approach of the youth … Julia Ducournau dissects the passage to the adulthood, with the frustration that goes with it with a mutation in an environment where perception and madness are going to collide with each other into a chilling atmosphere. Authentic mix of cinematography genres, and some underground  classic cinema here. The ritual goes like this you will see people dancing half-naked, consuming a large amount of alcohol and drugs, blood flying all over to welcome the newbies also you will have the usual suspect the nurse who is not concern about the newbies skin rash, and the teacher who tell them especially the smart one that he does not like the smart one to finish with a macabre orgies of some what half awake zombie, and a perfect ending. You will get out of the theatre loving it like the critics that say it is the best horror film of the year or you are going to hate it there is no in between. Cheers!


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NOCES (2017)


A film by Stephan Streker

Cast: Lina El Arabi, Sébastien Houbani, Babak Karimi

English title: A Wedding 

Zahira, 18, is close to her family until her parents ask her to follow Pakistani tradition to choose a husband out of the three pictures that are presented to her. Torn between family customs and her western lifestyle, the young woman try to persuade her brother that she does not want this.

Ye tradition is that what this young woman is faced in today world. Thank about it you are a young woman 18 years of age you want to experiment at love, sex, and life travel the world get a job, go to a University etc… Not choosing a husband at 18 years old. Well if you are Pakistanis it is the tradition it is the culture. If she resist or does not do it the friends that her father has in Pakistan will cast him out of the village. But Zahira wants to live her western life style after all she is in Belgium and it is not the tradition in Belgium it is a democratic country where woman has rights to marry who ever she pleases. So Zahira turn to her brother for guidance and understanding. He however wants her to go through with it in order to make her parents happy. At the opening of the film we learn that Zahira is pregnant of the boy that she is in love with. For her it is horrible to have an abortion. Plus the boy is not a Pakistani. Will she submit to her parents wishes and will she have the abortion ?


Lina El Arabi who plays Zahira has done well here for her first time acting her emotion was flowing though her veins at time as cold as ice. She shakes down the house hold because she is pregnant. That is the first wave the second wave she is resisting of marrying one of the chosen one for her. The director takes particular care to respect the point of view of each of the characters, in order to arouse empathy and above all to allow the audience  freedom to base their own opinion. If he avoids any judgment, he does not forget to denounce all the horror of this deprivation of freedom  reserved for the female members of a family whose main concern although there  are unjust rules  to maintain  the safeguard of appearances. Plus pay attention of the dialogue here and one element that is going to put in front of the audience you will be able to guess the ending as I did. I saw to many film in my days. A must see.


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A film by Marc Fitoussi

Cast: Jeanne Jestin, Émilie Dequenne, Nelly Antignac

English: Mom is wrong 

Do we really know their parents? Anouk, 14, suddenly discovers another side of her mother, thanks to the unavoidable third observation course that she performs in the insurance company where she works. A week of immersion in the adult world of the company, with its little arrangements and great cowardice, which soon seals her young destiny. Between a day into initiation, assuming responsibilities like an adult is a form of saying goodbye to her childhood.


For it is rather a crazy and cruel world described by Marc Fitoussi,  of the laborious middle class, symbolized by Cyrielle. Just  graduate out of high school mom at barely 20 years, gets little joy on her life raising a kid and doing what every Parisienne does Metro / boulot /  dodo/. Emilie Dequenne is remarkable incarnating the mother who is melancholic and at times joyful. As for Jeanne Jestin who plays her daughter steals the show here. Plus the impossible boss who is a pain in everyone ass, to top it all off The daughter meets the tragic / comic duo of  Mathilde and Bénédicte (Camille Chamoux and Nelly Antignac), sorts of Javotte and Anastasia of modern times, who harass their cordial Cinderella / Anouk with their insufficiency and their bad faith. Anouk quickly figures out that growing up is not what it is cracked up to be. She is here an observer who absorb the adult world.

Between violence and freshness, Maman a tort  is a bittersweet social chronicle which should please the biggest acerbic and substantiated criticism of the world of work and to the young ones for the communicative enthusiasm of its young heroine.


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the red turtle

A film by Michael Dudok de Wit

The red turtle has caught the eye of the film festival of Cannes. The dialogue less animation is powered by classical music. Michael Dudok de Wit went to France at Angoulême ti make this animation. There was a lot of buzz about that one so I decided to go see it and was not disappointed. What is the most unbelievable is how simple every aspect of the film is. It is like a story book.

The story unfold You follow a man who is caught in a bad storm is in the ocean and manages to stay alive until he washed away on this island. It is like a Robinson Crusoe story here and you will see how he is trying to survive off the island. Michael Dudok de Wit who wrote the story here has use his imagination big time and made it into a little fantasy animation that works well here. You will spent one hour and twenty minutes of wonderful time with you kids. It is as well as for adult here too. The absence of dialogue here lets the audience absorb the beautiful imagery. Here you have a beautiful and lyrical journey through life – without even saying a word.


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